rdata version 0.11#

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The package rdata offers a lightweight way to import R datasets/objects stored in the “.rda” and “.rds” formats into Python. Its main advantages are:

  • It is a pure Python implementation, with no dependencies on the R language or related libraries. Thus, it can be used anywhere where Python is supported, including the web using Pyodide.

  • It attempt to support all R objects that can be meaningfully translated. As opposed to other solutions, you are no limited to import dataframes or data with a particular structure.

  • It allows users to easily customize the conversion of R classes to Python ones. Does your data use custom R classes? Worry no longer, as it is possible to define custom conversions to the Python classes of your choosing.

  • It has a permissive license (MIT). As opposed to other packages that depend on R libraries and thus need to adhere to the GPL license, you can use rdata as a dependency on MIT, BSD or even closed source projects.

The package rdata is developed on Github. Please report issues there as well.